Okay – this looks worse than it is.  This lovely little deer miraculously hops away from this run in with the cruiser unscathed but this clip from a Kenton County police cruiser’s dash cam shows us how to avoid a seriously potential dangerous encounter with a deer when it crosses the road when you’re driving.

I always keep an eye out for little creatures when driving down country roads, and sure I’ve seen the yellow signs with those cute deer on them but let me tell ya – if I actually did have a deer flying at me at top speed I’m not sure what I would do.  The instructions the officer has in order to safely maneuver when a deer crosses the road in front of you when you’re driving are simple and to the point:

Slow down and steer away from the deer in a controlled manner.

Easier said than done I’m sure…but you know what, I’m keeping this one in my back pocket on my  next country drive.