My eldest child has just begun grade 8, and so, we have begun to think about his next transition and research the best possible education for him going forward. And so I have been spending some time researching the different schools and school boards in our area and while researching I came across this lovely TED article about the best education systems in the world. And as I read it I was surprised to learn of two recent transformations, one in South Korea and the other in Finland.

Both have dramatically raised the bar on their countries education systems on a whole. But, what was so surprising to me was how they each had a completely different approach to the education system. “The Korean model: Grit and hard, hard, hard work. And, The Finnish model: Extracurricular choice, intrinsic motivation.”

But in the end they both have a few important qualities in common. Firstly they both have a deep respect for the education profession as a whole. And, they both are focussed on the success of the student.

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