I recently found this amazing deal for a new TV – I hummed and hawed about buying it (even though the deal was amazing) since the TV wasn’t a Smart TV.  In the end I bought it, I figured at the least I could plug in my computer with an HDMI cable and stream the latest House of Cards episode…but alas…I have a new best friend…my Google Chromecast.


This little handy device let’s me stream from any device (laptop, iPhone, iPad) directly to my non-Smart TV – the Chromecast simply plugs into the the HDMI port on your TV.   The other really cool thing is you don’t need any apps so friends can stream anything on their device straight to the TV – very sweet, and it’s only $39.  Yup, love my Chromecast.  The Chromecast is sold at most big box electronics stores, Amazon, etc..To find out more about Chromecast.

To buy Chromecast on Amazon click here: Chromecast