I am so guilty of this too, of not being able to say no, of over-committing myself. Work, kids, home, volunteering, there are no shortage of activities and projects to keep us busy.  But, at this very busy time of year especially, I feel like just looking at my calendar can be cause to raise my blood pressure. I used to think that saying no just came easier for some. How did they do it?

Leo Babauta of Zen Habits provide this advise:

“We are human, and we have limits, and we have to let go of this idea of doing everything and doing it well. You’re either going to do a couple things well, or do everything poorly.” 

Over time I have come to realize that it’s not easy, it takes discipline and commitment. It’s very hard for me to say no to projects that I feel are worthwhile, and I think that must be true for everyone. But it is far more important to be committed and clear on a few projects then to be stressed and unfocused at many projects.

So go ahead and cancel an appointment, rebook a lunch and say no to staying late at work this time. Saying no to over-committing yourself just means saying yes to a calmer, less stressful life!

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Saying Yes