House shopping lately? Can’t decide between 2 houses you just love?…Here’s a quick tip that will quickly score you a higher net worth – just keep this in mind…it’s all in the name.

The analysis is based on Zillow’s database of prices and locations as analyzed by the New York Times.

The top 20% of homes are located on streets with scenic names (Oceanview Drive, Gulf Boulevard), and numbered streets, but with high numbers (161st Street, 154th Street). The median value of these homes is between $220k to $2.1M.

The middle of the pack homes are located on streets with scenic names, but not as luxe sounding (Sunset Drive, River Road).  Tree names are also found in the middle of the heap (Maple Ave, Park Ave).  The middle of the pack homes average out at $154k to $220k.

The bottom of the pack occupying the bottom 40% of home values ($33k to $155k), are found on predominately numbered streets (low numbered streets), with Street and Avenue accounting for 75% of all the homes in this home value range, examples in this low range are Main Street, 2nd Street.

So given the choice of 2 homes priced about the same, pick the high net worth street name to score a higher value home with this info in your back pocket.

Read more about your street name: New York Times – Road Map.