Jeremy Borniger is a Ph.D. candidate in the neuroscience program at Ohio State University.  Recently Jeremy switched career paths by flipping from anthropology to neuroscience.

It’s funny how as unusual and dramatic Jeremy’s academic switch was that I think many of us share in Jeremy’s experience – things change, you grow as a person, and your focus and passions shift.  What is your passion at one point in your life, just might not be something you are passionate about just a few short years later.   It’s growth, and for Jeremy he recognized his passions had shifted:

For my undergraduate thesis, I investigated differences in circulating hormones between musicians and nonmusicians and how musical ability might be related to differences in physiology. After this experience, I felt the itch to look deeper into the molecular and cellular mechanisms of behavior. The next step, I decided, was graduate school in neuroscience—a subject in which I had not taken a single course.

Jeremy used adaption and through this process is making his new career path learn from the lessons of adaption to find the answers to the complex problems of nonscientific research.

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