For many of us, we have desk jobs that keep us tethered to our computers and desks for the majority of the day. The daily office grind can get somewhat mundane even with our usual distractions that typically include cat videos, perusing Facebook and catching up on the news.

One of the ways I find that works for me to is to keep myself thinking about new and novel ideas and things that are different and beyond my current job.  So for a about an hour of my working day I read up, watch, study something –  anything – other than something related to my work or anything related to my job.  Yup – you got it – absolutely nothing to do with my job.


In fact, I actually go so far as to plan that hour of exploration and book it into my calendar for a few different reasons, most notably so I ensure that I take the time and that I simply continue to do so.

I find it a completely refreshing time of day for myself and I really look forward to the chance to give my mind a major metal break from the daily norm.

So you might think I’d feel a little guilty about this – nope.  My belief is that I become more efficient at doing my normal tasks so in turn I am actually doing more with less.  I also become a better employee since I am acquiring knowledge and skills that are likely to come into play in one way or another to better my organization – it’s a win-win.