With the constant waves of malicious sites and links out there it’s nice to know you’re protected from endless hours of trying to repair your computer and restore your digitial life.  This is a must back to school buy and a good time of year to think about your antivirus protection. PC Magazine has just posted it’s raving review for Bitdefender Internet Security software.


“Bitdefender 2015 successfully blocked 100 percent of real-world attack cases. These tests determine how well an antimalware program is at protecting against new threats. It also passed AV-Test’s “malware zoo” test with flying colors…”

Visit PC Magazine to see more.

The current version of Bitdefender is priced at about $80 but if you’re looking for a deal, you can grab the 2014 version for only $35 at Amazon.com and only $30 at Amazon.ca. Simply update the software as soon as you get it and you’ve just saved yourself at least $40.