No matter how soon you have to get to the airport for that honeymoon flight, if you have thoughts of keeping or selling your wedding dress, it is a must that it is taken care of – and right away is best!

It’s best to clean your gown immediately because over time, any stains will set and they will become more and more difficult to remove. The best scenario is to have someone drop off your gown while you’re on your honeymoon, or even some cleaners will pick it up before you go.

2)      WRAP IT UP
The absolute best way to store your gown long-term is to have it boxed with acid-free tissue paper. Alternatively, some brides will frame their gowns and hang them in a 3D shadow box on the wall. If it is impossible to clean and box the gown prior to the honeymoon do not store it in plastic cleaning bags because they don’t allow the garment to breathe. Store the dress in a 100 per cent cotton garment bag. Also be sure to hang the dress on a white padded silk coat hanger not a lacquered wooden coat hanger.  Try to store your veils, accessories and silk shoes with the dress.  


Store items somewhere that isn’t damp or humid. Items need to be away from sunlight. If garments are hung under the light for long enough it will turn yellow as it’s a natural fibre. So it is best to store the items under the bed or in the cupboard. And make sure it you lie it flat.

If you preserve your gown properly, there is no reason why your daughter — or even great-granddaughter — won’t be able to wear it on her wedding day many years from now.