There was always that nagging feeling of “me so bad” while feeding on a midnight snack, and that self intuition has been recognized by research that proves that eating within a 9-12 hour time frame leads to improved health and fitness with no exercise required!

The first time restricted feeding study was conducted in 2012 and found that mice fed a high fat diet but restricted to eating in an 8 hour window gained little weight and had no metabolic problems while the mice that ate the same amount of calories but could eat at any time in the day grew chubby and exhibited diabetes symptoms…but it get’s better…

A recent follow up study in 2014 shows that even if you cheat sometimes on the weekends with a time restricted diet you can stay fit and healthy…maybe me not so bad after all?!…love this!   And here’s the kicker, time restricted feeding was also found to REVERSE obesity….time to set my eating timer!!

Sources: Cell 2012 Study, Cell 2014 Study