Pop into any Starbucks and you’ll have tough time making your way through the haze of MacBooks delivering the web on their retina displays.   These sleek well designed laptops are the go-to device  from everyone from the back to school crowd to the latest start-up office  to mommy bloggers.  I thought I would share a few tips + picks from top spots to shop for your new (or nearly new – I‘ll get to that shortly), MacBook Air and save a few dollars along the way.

My first pick is the Apple store…but…pop into the refurbished section – first.   Sometimes it‘s a little tough to find the refurbished section so google apple refurbished to get there quick, because you just might need too… Now you might be a little leary of the term refurbished but let me tell you, this could easily be labelled as screamin hot deals because each of these units has been completed refurbished by Apple –  no scratches, dents or bruises and the refurbished units come with a full Apple warranty – these refurbished Apples are as good (or better) than a new unit.

I have bought more than one refurbished unit from Apple and have been blown away, I couldn‘t tell that the unit wasn’t new, they do an amazing job refurbishing their products. Here’s a sample of what I’ve recently come across, a 13.3 inch MacBook Air for only $839.  The offers do vary based on what’s available and it will also depend on where you are, but certainly worth a good first look.  Shop Apple. 

Refurbished Apple MacBook Air

The next shop I like to check is amazon.com (or amazon.ca).  I like to stick with only buying the new items on amazon and look to only buy from sellers with 4.5 or 5 star rating to keep my shopping experience a happy one (you can filter just top sellers on the left side of the screen).  You can find brand new 11.6 inch MacBook Airs going from about $790.  The offers may be for the version prior the the latest and greatest release – worth a look, consideration and the savings.


Best Buy is also a shop I like to keep an eye on for MacBook and Apple sales in general.

NewEgg is also a contender for MacBook Air deals, some of the newer refurbished units currently on sale are going from $579, a decent price for any laptop out there I would say.


Happy MacBook Air shopping, hope you score a deal!