Holiday travel season is around the corner but one of my biggest annoyances when on vaca is the huge cost of keeping in touch on the go while travelling.  Mobile phone carriers offer travel plans but the costs are way out of control, so here’s a great new option.

KnowRoaming has developed a tiny electronic sticker that you simply apply to your phone’s SIM card – here’s what is look’s like:


Once you apply the sticker you’re ready to go. The sticker automatically activates and switches you onto the KnowRoaming network when you’re outside of your home range.

Rates are as low as about 9 cents/minute for calls and 11 cents per MB, with unlimited data options available as well.  The services are provided by the local wireless carrier but at discounted rates that you wouldn’t normally be able to take advantage of.

The stickers cost $30, but KnowRoaming is now offering a $15 credit for every sticker ordered – I am just loving this cool new mobile idea to save me money on the go.  Find out more at