It is finally time to bring out the sandals, flip flops and that favorite pair of open toe flats. But don’t just banish those winter boots to the back of the closet yet! Be sure to store them correctly to ensure that, when the seasons change once again, you can pull them out and they will still be looking like new.

  • Be sure they are clean. Give them a good wipe down; just a clean wet cloth will work perfectly here.
  • Take care of any stains. Stains left too long may set permanently and weaken the boot.
  • Dry them thoroughly. Wet boots can grow mold and could possibly cross-contaminate with other footwear that may be close by.
  • For long boots, roll up newspapers and stuff them inside the leg of the boot. This will ensure that the boot can stand upright on its own. Boots that flop over will crease, age and crack.
  • Do not store boots in any type of plastic bags. Leather (and suede) boots need to “breathe”. Storing them in plastic will lead to the boots drying out and could also trap mold. Better choices are pillowcases, fabric shoe bags and cloth bags.
  • Store boots away from direct light and all sources of heat. Direct light will fade the boots, while direct heat will cause them to dry out and crack.

A few simple tips to help those favorite boots be ready when you need them and with any luck see you through many more winters to come!