An app instead of taking the pill ??  Yup…it’s here.

Natural Cycles is a new app developed by two PhD’s in physics whose CV’s includes working at CERN  and finding the Higgs Boson.

The app basically uses the rhythm method for preventing pregnancy.  Simply entering your temperature (with a thermometer) into the app, and the built in algorithm let’s you know when you have green days (you can’t get pregnant), and red days (days to abstain or use a condom).   There are basically only six days per month that you can actually get pregnant, and the app works to determine those days and map them out for you.

The app puts all of these green and red dots on a handy visual calender.  The app functions to not only work as a replacement for the Pill, but for those looking to get pregnant, the red dot days tell you which days you should be gettin’ busy.


Natural Cyles boasts to have it right 99.95% of the time, while the Pill is only 92% effective.

There is a cost, about $5 per month, but factoring in the costs for the Pill, the time to go over to the pharmacy etc. and it really pays for itself.  Also, you’re not consuming hormonal contraceptives by not taking the Pill…so something to consider in going au natural.