Let’s face it, most of us all hit our local dollar store on occasion for everything from birthday loot bags to school supplies and think we’re saving…well the old adage you get what you pay for holds very true for most items sold at dollar stores that we all shop at.  You might be getting a lot more than you bargained for as you read this shocking study just published by HealthyStuff.org.

The study team tested over 160 products purchased at four discount retailers including Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and 99 Cents Only from across six U.S. states.  The products were tested for antimony, arsenic, bromine, chlorine, lead, mercury, tin, phthalate and non-phthalate plasticizers.

The results are shocking:

Over 80% of the products tested from dollar stores contained at least one hazardous chemical above levels of concern, and 49% of products contained two or more chemicals hazardous chemicals above levels of concern.

These aren’t small local retailers, these dollar stores are large publicly traded companies that should be shocked and ashamed for the products on their shelves.  I for one am boycotting all dollar stores until they clean up their act.

To read more: EcoCenter.org.  To read the full report: A Day Late and a Dollar Short.