I’ve made a recent major discovery on how to dramatically increase my credit score and just have to share this credit increasing tip with everyone…

I recently called my credit card company to complain about a payment not being processed in time and ended up getting some amazing advise from Alice, the customer service person I was talking too.   During the conversation Alice told me that it’s not just important to make sure to pay your credit card bill to within at least 35% of your total credit available (which is what everyone tells you to do to increase your credit score), no, there’s more.  What Alice said next was what increased my credit score almost 100 points in two months.

Alice said that the critical thing to make sure to do is make sure to pay the balance on your credit card to  at least 35% of your available credit BEFORE the billing date (yes, that’s bold, underline and italic on the before your billing date.  The balance you have on your credit card after the billing date is reported to the credit agencies  And if this balance is over 35% your doomed – even if you pay your credit card off in full each and every month.  So if you think that you can rack up your credit card to the credit limit and think you’re improving your credit score by simply paying it in full when you get your statement, you’re not.

The way to make huge increases in your credit score is to pay the full balance on your credit card BEFORE the billing date.  If you don’t know the billing date, check your bill or just call your credit card company.

Here’s a screenshot of my credit score increase using this technique over the last 2 months.  My credit score shot up 82 points in two months.  Can’t wait for my next billing date!!!  Best of luck in your quest to improve your credit scores everyone!