Science. Meet selfies.  Now sort it out.   And that’s exactly what Andrej Karpathy, a PhD student at Stanford working on Deep Learning did to determine through the scientific process just what it takes to make the perfect selfie.

Oh my God @marhunt you are actual sunshine.

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Here’s what conclusions Andrej found to make the best selfie:

  • Be female. Women are consistently ranked higher than men.

  • Face should occupy about 1/3 of the image. The face always occupies about 1/3 of the image, is slightly tilted, and is positioned in the center and at the top.

  • Cut off your forehead.  It looks like a popular strategy, at least for women.

  • Show your long hair.

  • Oversaturate the face. Use over-saturated lighting, which often makes the face look much more uniform and faded out.

  • Put a filter on it. Black and White photos seem to do quite well, and most of the top images seem to contain some kind of a filter that fades out the image and decreases the contrast.

  • Add a border. You will notice a frequent appearance of horizontal/vertical white borders.

The results are based on an assessment of 2 million selfies from the internet using a 140-million-parameter state-of-the-art Convolutional Neural Network trained to classify good selfies from bad ones.  So ya…it’s a pretty thorough assessment.  Guess that selfie of me with short hair in low light in full on colour is prooooobably gonna need a little work..