Whether you’re ready for it or not, the weather will soon be getting colder, and with the changing seasons comes a new wardrobe. And although I love summer there is something so cozy about making room for my favorite warm sweaters, woolen coats and all the other cold-weather gear.

BUT – It’s best to store your swimsuits and sandals properly now and so that they’ll be ready to wear next summer.

How to do it:

  • Start by preparing your storage spot before you put in your summer clothes in it. Clean out your empty drawers, storage bins or closet, wherever it is that you will be storing your summer wear. If it’s the closet, make sure the shelves are dusted and the floors are vacuumed. If you store your summer clothes in fabric storage bags, run them through your washing machine to remove dust and mold. If you are using storage containers, wash them out thoroughly. If your containers or bags are plastic, clean them thoroughly with a disinfectant cleaner. Let them dry completely to keep mold and mildew from growing when the container is sealed tight.If you use plastic containers to store your clothes, line the container with a cotton sheet to keep fragile clothing items from touching the plastic container. It’s best to store the clothes in airtight plastic because pests and moisture can’t get in, but if that isn’t possible, any plastic container will do.
  • Sort your clothes before you store them. Be sure to remove any items that need to be donated or can be passed on to a friend. Repair any items that are in need of repair, and remove all items that are in need of dry cleaning.
  • Clean all of the clothes before you store them. Small amounts of food or soil that aren’t removed now can become permanent stains after a few months. Or worse, they can attract insects. Now’s the time to take all the clothes that need a dry-cleaning as well.
  • To keep bugs away and your clothes smelling fresh, add a small breathable bag of dried lavender to your storage containers. The smell of lavender repels moths and will keep your clothes smelling fresh. Or pop in a few cedar balls, the cedar oil will also send the moths away.
  • Store your clothing in a cool, well-ventilated area. The summer clothes you have packed away should not be stored in areas that may be exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture, such as garages, attics or basements. It’s best if the clothes are stored away from natural light.