When buying a luxury purse from a name brand like Louis Vuitton, it is essential that you know you’re getting the real deal. You can spot fakes by examining the appearance and quality of the bag itself..


Did Louis Vuitton ever make the item? This is especially important with multicolored and limited bags. Know what it’s supposed to look like before you buy it. What is it supposed to be lined in? Should it have feet? What does the base look like? Does it have a date code? Check the Louis Vuitton website or your local Louis Vuitton boutique for this information.


Louis Vuitton has been in production since 1854. The traditional Monogram Toile canvas bag that is so popular today had its beginnings in 1896. The monogram itself can give clues as to authenticity. Louis Vuitton is very careful about where the monogram is placed on their products. Most of its styles are the same today as they were when they were first manufactured, with very few exceptions. The actual LV monogram is usually (with the exception of some vintage pieces) symmetrical from side to side in all monogram styles.


Louis Vuitton is a perfectionist with its stitching. Stitching should be very even and regular. There should be no back-and-forth stitching – that’s a sign of sloppy construction that doesn’t meet Louis Vuitton’s high standards.The same number of stitches will be found in similar locations on similar bags, for example the leather tab that the handle attaches onto on any size monogram Speedy bag will always have 5 regular, even stitches across the top.

4) WHERE WAS IT MADE? Made in Spain? Yes, while it is true that authentic Louis Vuitton bags have been made in France for over 25 years, Louis Vuitton has also produced bags in the USA, Spain, Germany and Italy. It is not true that a Louis Vuitton bag has to be marked “Made in France” to be authentic.

5) WHAT ABOUT THE  UPSIDE DOWN LVs? Some styles of authentic Louis Vuitton WILL have upside down LVs on the backside. The reason is that Louis Vuitton uses one continuous piece of canvas that wraps around from the front to back, without a seam on the bottom so the backside has upside down logos. This is true on the Speedy, the Keepalls, Papillons, and some similar styles. Any piece with a separate piece of canvas or leather on the bottom will have the LVs right-side up on both sides.

When you buy a Louis Vuitton product from a boutique, it will come with tags.  But those tags are NEVER hang-tags (tags that are attached or hanging from the bag). Tags are usually tucked into a pocket or included in an envelope that comes with your receipt. If you see a hang-tag attached to the bag, it isn’t real.

7) MOST IMPORTANTLY, USE COMMON SENSE. These are expensive bags made by craftspeople and they should look expensive. Cheap-looking leather or coated canvas that is not soft and well worn, has frayed seams or discolored linings, all add up to a fake bag.