Gotta give some credit to the cable companies, they are among the slyest of them all.   I decided to review my home budget and review what was being paid out and where.  One of my monthly bills that perked my interest was my home cable, phone and internet.  Over the last year and a half the price creep on my monthly cable bill had hit a 20% increase in overall fees with no change in services – time to take action.  Here are some ideas to quickly and easily drop your monthly home phone, internet and cable bills:

Research current rates from other providers.  Review what the current rates are for the services you are receiving.  Be careful to ensure you’re looking at the normal rates, not just comparing introductory 6 months rates.

Call your current internet, phone and TV provider.  With the pricing information at hand ask your current provider for 2 things:

First – review options you’re currently paying for but not using – think long distance call time you’re not using, channels you don’t watch on TV and a smaller/slower data package for internet.   This first approach helped me save $15/month.

Second – ask for better pricing for the existing services you currently are paying for.  This simple request was not from the front line help desk staff but from their “bundling and special promotions” department.  This is essentially a negotiations group who drop rates for customers who call and ask about it – knowing the current competitive prices for services helped.  This second group helped me save an additional $25 per month on my phone, TV and internet package.   Overall I saved $40 per month on my services.

So keep an eye on this monthly service bills and don’t be afraid to call and ask for better pricing, 9 times out of 10 you’ll save money.