Leaving in a mature neighbourhood is great, lots of character, large mature trees and big lots.  The downside of all those great mature trees in the neighbourhood comes in the fall – sure the kids get a kick jumping in the leaf piles…but the allure wears out quick for the kids after you snap off a few pics and you’re left with hours of raking and hauling bags of wet leaves to the curb.

After years of going through the same ritual and more and more leave somehow gravitating to my lawn I decided to take evasive action – I started mowing the leaves…

It’s late in the season, but mowing over the leaves instead of raking them up is the best solution by far for a number of reasons including:

  • it’s fast
  • the leaves serve as free organic fertilizer for your lawn
  • you save on buying leaf bags

So kiss raking leaves goodbye  – for good – well almost, you’ll still have to rake the leaves from around your garage and flower beds but you’ll still save yourself hours of work.