With the average monthly cell bill hitting close to three digits per month, I wanted to see if I could somehow swing getting a new car for under $100 a month – cray cray right?…well maybe not…

The search started at Hyundai.  Their popular Accent is a hit with the under $14,000 price tag.  Using the leasing option, and with $3,800 down I was able to get the monthly price to under $99!


How you ask?  Well it’s a combination of a couple of key points.  The main driver is the ultra low interest rates the car manufacturers are offering for their current years cars as they are clearing them out in time for next years models, this means big discounts for you.  The other main driver is price, with the wealth of driving options out there that are priced at under $15,000, there is a lot of competition for customers add the that the healthy incentives and you’ve got a recipe for a great new car for an amazing price.

Prefer a Honda or Toyota?  No problem…use the build and price feature that the sites provide to whittle down the monthly price to something you can afford.  We were able to score a new Nissan Micra for $98 a month with only $3,100.


The bottom line is there are lots of options out there to buy a new car and have the security of a new car warranty – for under $100 a month…happy car shopping!