Ok, I am SO inspired right now.  I came across the Google Science Fair recently after doing some research of my own to help my kids with their science fair projects – it can be overwhelming – for both kids AND parents.

A really great way to immerse your kids into science projects (especially if it’s their first one), is to review past years winners, projects etc. from your local science fair website.  It’s a bit lame, and not terribly inspirational – pictures of poster boards and some of the past ideas was of some use, but left my kids uninspired, so I was so elated when I came across the Google Science Fair website.

One of the truly most inspirational parts of the site is actually a link to You Tube produced by Google that showcases the stories of some of students who have excelled at the Fair- it’s heart touching – the videos are incredibly well prepared and will inspire your kids, and likely yourself as well.  (It’s the video above).

The Google Science Fair is something you might want to consider as well as your local science fair competition.  This global online science fair is open to all kids between the ages of 13 to 18.