I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners, the chemical taste is a real turn off for me, and somehow inherently it just seems like it’s not good for my body. And the studies to support the fact that artificial sweeteners are NOT good for you continue to come in…

In yet another study about artificial sweeteners reported in the science journal Nature, found that:

artificial sweeteners (saccharin) can actually increase your risk of getting diabetes.

diet mountain dew

So ironic, the reason many people are using saccharin in the first place is they think they are controlling their diabetes by reducing the amount of sugar they are consuming.

This is the first study to suggest that artificial sweeteners are changing the way our bodies are able to process real sugar due to the artificial sweeteners changing our gut bacteria leading to glucose intolerance and glucose intolerance is a precursor to type 2 diabetes.

So the take home here — eliminate your use of “diet” beverages and replace with water.

Source: Nature (Sept. 17, 2014 Edition)