I had never really thought making my bed everyday was a worthwhile task. I mean, really? I’m just going to climb right back in at the end of the day and make a big mess again! I had friends and family that did and I often wondered what the fuss was all about. That was until I started making my bed! Now I am certain that making my bed is one simple thing that I can do every day to move towards a less cluttered, more organized, more inviting home.

Here are 7 reasons why I believe we should all be making our beds:

1. It gives you a sense of accomplishment first thing each morning. You feel organized and ready to take on the day, before you even brush your teeth. This two minute task sets the mood for the rest of your day.

2. It immediately makes your room look clean (even if there’s a mess in the closet or under the bed).

3. A “made bed” provides a great work surface for folding laundry or other household tasks.

4. It’s a great habit to model for your children – who should also make their beds!

5.  It creates a positive state of mind as you go to bed. Do you remember how you feel when you stay at a hotel? Right away your mood elevates and you look forward to climbing into that crisply made bed.

6. Make your bed = lower your stress. A tidy space is a calming space. You can create your own calming sanctuary at home, each and every day.

7. It can lead to other good habits. Once you get in the routine of making your bed, you’ll crave a little more organization because you appreciate how it makes you feel.

I subscribe to a very cool YouTube channel called Home Organizing by Alejandra where I get so many amazing tips and motivation. Click here for her episode on how to make your bed.

I have to admit it, when I look at my freshly made bed it makes me smile a little. I feel more motivated to tackle the rest of my day!