Pop this little device into your luggage and not only will you be able to track where your bag is, this smart little grey and orange device will also text you when it lands AND where it has landed (just in case your luggage arrives in Kuala Lumpur instead of Calgary). Trackdot sells for about $70. Shop Trackdot at Amazon.





D-Link Systems Wi-Fi AC750 Portable Router and Charger (DIR-510L)

The Swiss army knife of travel gadgets. This handy device from DLink if the first of it’s kind allowing you to convert tethered internet found in some hotels to wifi that can be shared across all of your devices.  The other cool thing is that the device can connect to the paid wifi found at hotels and operate as a wifi hotspot for your other mobile devices and the bonus is you don’t have to pay any extra wifi fees to have more than one mobile device connected to the internet.

Low battery on your iPad?  No problem, the device also serves up backup power allowing any mobile device to plug in and charge up on the go.

A bonus feature is the device also accepts external flash drives with the built in USB inputs so you can share files with mobile devices connected to the Dlink and stream movies or music to a TV or console with the built in DNLA server.

The Dlink router and charger sells for about $100.

D link portable wifi and charger


A backpack for the mobile traveler.  This next generation backpack holds a removable rechargeable battery allowing four full charges for a phone or one full charge for a tablet. Other bonus features include a trolley slot to slide your backpack onto a trolley while at the airport, a headphone storage compartment, a dedicated compartment for your laptop plus 13 other pockets to stow away your gear. The Tylt backback sells for about $130, shop the Tylt backpack at Amazon.