You may have heard of Alibaba recently, they recently listed on the New York Stock Exchange (under the symbol BABA).   Although most of us have never heard of this Chinese e-commerce company, they now are larger than Walmart!

Alibaba started promoting “singles day” a number of years ago (November 11th is “11-11”) and the event has now transcended to the equivalent of our Cyber Monday.  This year Alibaba has generated 9 billion dollars worth of sales during their singles day promotion…not bad for a company most of us have never heard of…

Alibaba is essentially a business to business website, however, it’s actually Aliexpress that is dedicated to consumers (worldwide).    With the 11.11 sales event on now, there are millions of products on sale.  Aliexpress sells everything including apparel, electronics, jewelry and home decor.  But in case you miss the 11.11 sales, you haven’t missed out as the offers can be incredible (on a regular basis).


I’ve personally shopped at Aliexpress on many occasions and have found some incredible deals.  Some categories that I like to stick to on Aliexpress are electronic accessories (iPad cases and the like), jewelry, accessories, home & decor.

A few Aliexpress shopping tips:

  • Buy early.  If shopping for a gift or the holidays, make sure to buy well ahead of time, a month or more is recommended
  • Stear clear of the apparel.  The sizing is not standard North American or European sizing (trust me on this one – made this mistake a few time before I learned my lesson)
  • Free shipping is great but it’s actually postage, not shipping, think about using a courier option for delivery
  • Be careful of fake merchandise. I’ve seen my fair share of fake UGG and Canada Goose, this isn’t a site to brand shop at
  • Shop from top sellers for a smoother shopping experience